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African charity leader visits Anglia Farmers

African charity leader visits Anglia Farmers

We were delighted to welcome leaders from an African charity to our offices near Norwich.

We are supporting the Ethiopia Farmers Appeal, a fundraising initiative set up by Partners for Change Ethiopia. Mulugeta Gebru, who works with the charity in Ethiopia, visited AF with representatives from the charity's UK office to find out more about farming co-operatives in the UK.

After a tour of our buying office, Mulugeta visited AF members Oliver and Charlotte Gurney at White House Farm, Norwich, to see their successful farm shop and to learn about how farmers in the UK add value to their produce.

The Ethiopia Farmers Appeal has been set up to help Ethiopian farmers make their farms sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change.  

As part of its important work with farmers, the charity operates training centres which provide classes to help people produce enough food from small parcels of land. This includes education about the use of fertiliser, protecting the soil and developing container gardens. They also provide training courses to help women set up their own small businesses.

Visit to find out more about the charity’s work and to donate.


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